PMHIC Pennsylvania Municipal Health Insurance Cooperative

Pennsylvania Municipal Health Insurance Cooperative

A Proven Method to Control Health Care Costs
Municipalities Working Together To Lower
Health Benefit Costs Through Self-Funding


Here at PMHIC we care about the opinions of our clients. Below you'll find testimonials of customers who you can relate to!

“We joined the PMHIC program in 2012 and we could not be more pleased with the results. The first two years we received surplus returns of over $400,000. We never would have had that opportunity with our previous fully-insured program. The surplus returns combined with excellent customer service made our decision an excellent one for the City of Lock Haven”.
-Rich Marcinkevage, Manager – City of Lock Haven

“As Chairman of PMHIC I have seen first hand the value the PMHIC program provides to our members. Our members receive stability in pricing along with an annual return of surplus funds. Our members are engaged in their health care program and find that the PMHIC program is the most cost effective method to provide health benefits to their employees”.
-Mark Kunkle, Manager – Ferguson Township

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