If you’re looking for the safest, most cost-effective solution to fund your municipal health benefits, turn to PMHIC. Through PMHIC, you’re protected in both the “good” and the “bad” claim years. PMHIC allows you to enjoy long-term savings, transparency, and complete control over your healthcare spending.


As a member of PMHIC, you will:

  • Retain premium dollars that typically go to the insurance carrier; Keep any unused claim fund dollars with 100% surplus control
  • Enjoy the lowest admin fees in the marketplace
  • Experience low, stable renewals
  • Effectively position your municipality to secure multi-year savings
  • Obtain low-cost dental, vision, life, and disability coverage through PMHIC’s special ancillary offers

  • Have flexibility in choosing the network and plan design that works best for your employees
  • Understand what drives your pricing and renewals since PMHIC actuaries are independent of the insurance carriers and work directly for you
  • Have a voice in decisions that impact the cooperative



  • Be entitled to nurse navigation and wellness consulting services (tobacco cessation, nutrition consulting, and more) through Benecon’s sister company, ConnectCare3
  • Receive administrative support through finance, compliance, and account management decisions, taking the burden off of your admin staff.

Stability . Full Transparency . Low Admin Fees