PMHIC Pennsylvania Municipal Health Insurance Cooperative

Pennsylvania Municipal Health Insurance Cooperative

A Proven Method to Control Health Care Costs
Municipalities Working Together To Lower
Health Benefit Costs Through Self-Funding


The Pennsylvania Municipal Health Insurance Cooperative was established in 2006. Membership is open to all Pennsylvania local governments and related agencies. Local governments and related agencies join the cooperative in order to provide cost savings and stability in pricing for their employee health insurance. By joining together, local governments benefit from the power of group purchasing in a self-funded platform. Today, over 270 local governments or related agencies are members of PMHIC.

Since PMHIC was established the cooperative has provided low, stable renewals, surplus returns, and benefit designs that match the needs of each local government member. Due to these financial cost advantages, the cooperative has achieved a 98% retention rate.

The cooperative is governed by a Board of Directors made up of PMHIC members. The PMHIC Board of Directors has partnered with Benecon Benefit Administrators and Consultants to provide the overall administration, actuarial services, federal and state regulatory compliance, and other administrative services for the cooperative. Benecon acts as the cooperative’s “City Manager” to assure all policies of the board are fulfilled.

In order to provide your employees an excellent benefits package, the cooperative has partnered with United Health Care and Blue Cross Blue Shield networks.